If you are not familiar with our company and what we can do for you, we thought the best way for you to get to know us might be to hear some of the success stories we’ve had in satisfying our customers. New customers are invariably truly surprised when they realize the extent to which Spartan Felt goes to provide a total system of products and services to meet customer needs. We’ve been known to send our experts to a customer’s facility, for whatever amount of time it takes, to understand their operation, to engineer innovative products that will enhance the operation, and to train the operators on how to use the products. Innovation and customization are our middle names, and we’d love the chance to prove it to you.

See how we’ve helped some of our other customers, whether they are worldwide leaders in their industries, or a small operation looking for an engineering partner in felt products.

  • For a customer in the glass industry, who was dissatisfied with another company’s polishing pad, Spartan Felt perforated a better performing product that resulted in a superior finish and faster polishing cycles, all at a lower cost per polished piece.
  • For a customer in the auto glass restoration industry who needed quality pads for hand polishing, Spartan Felt provided a cerium oxide impregnated, high performance pad, which the customer felt, was greatly superior to what they had been using. Then Spartan Felt customized an attachment system to make set-ups easier and faster for this customer.
  • A customer in the optics polishing industry, who had been having to change out another company’s pad every few days due to wear, switched to a Spartan Felt perforated polishing pad and found they only had to change out pads twice a month!
  • These customers have been in the growing numbers who have learned how they can get superior performance and lower cost from Spartan Felt High Performance Polishing Pads.

Let us customize a product for your needs!