Spartan Rubberized Polishing Points

In the mold making process it is important to be able to polish challenging molds, recessed die areas, slots / grooves, etc. It is also necessary to polish valves and sensor assemblies.

Spartan’s Rubberized Polishing Points can provide excellent polished services or many metals. These ball, cone and bullet shaped points are impregnated with an abrasive compound (small, medium and coarse grains) and are excellent for removing solder depositions and machining marks as well as de-flashing encapsulated materials.

Our Spartan Rubber Polishing Points are pre-mounted on a mandrel to ensure a better concentricity and durability. We suggest that you run them at low rpm’s (below 1500). They can be used without slurry/lubricant, however they are compatible with most lubricants (except solvent-based polishes). In general they have a Durometer value of 25 (C scale), Compression of 3.5% and a Density of 1.83 g/cm3. The points come in various sizes and shapes that can be compared to our felt bob selection.

These rubberized polishing points can be used for finishing and polishing all ferrous metals and additionally, can be used to remove the small burs and the scratch marks that are left by many production processes. They also clean and define grooves. There is no doubt that these rubber polishing points are effective for many polishing applications and materials.

Please contact us for a sample kit containing five varieties of rubberized polishing points. We also manufacture small Spartan Rubber Polishing Wheels.