Total System Customization
Our greatest strength at Spartan Felt is our creativity in engineering total solutions for your end use. With decades of experience in felt, fiber technology, non-wovens and chemistry, we offer help in innovative product engineering, R&D, cost reduction, troubleshooting, operator training-whatever your needs, Spartan Felt has the total system to help you. We hold multiple patents, including impregnation of abrasives. We’ve been known to spend whatever time it takes at a customer’s facility, trying various alternatives, even suggesting changes in operating parameters or creating new equipment to give you exactly what you need. Let us customize a product for you! We think you’ll see why we are known as the innovators in the industry.

Spartan Felt is a world leader in impregnation of felt. We can customize products from fine
to aggressive abrasives, including cerium oxide, boron carbide, aluminum oxide, and diamond abrasives. With the abrasives and lubricants already built in, you purchase and stock fewer
items, you have less mess, and your work time is reduced dramatically.

Spartan Felt offers extensive engineering services and is known for innovation in the industry. We can shape, cut, and treat felt and any non-metallic material, offering whatever customized product design services you require. Let us build a unique product just for you!

Die Cutting
R&D Service
Pressure Sensitive Coating
Custom Fabrication