FOR USE ON: Used to produce ultra polished surfaces with synthetic pads
NAP LENGTH: » 50 μ
WEIGHT: 570 +/50 grams/linear yd.
COMPRESSION %: 4.5 +/2.0%
DENSITY: 0.42 +/0.05 g/cm3
THICKNESS: 450 +/80μ mm
DIAMETER: Precut or 53” wide rolls


In the surface preparation process, there is a need to produce ultra polished surfaces with synthetic pads. Spartan’s suede polishing material is designed to generate final polished surfaces using submicron slurries. It’s “low nap/small pore” composition retains the polishing vehicle on the exposed pad surface allowing for better polished surface quality and lower surface tension to the wafers being polished. While our Poretex 1™ material is best suited for glass, Poretex 2LN™ is excellent for semiconductor and compound semiconductor wafers, quartz, sapphire, silicon carbide and various crystals. These pads are designed to work best with colloidal silica, sodium hydroxide, cerium and alumina slurries over a wide range of pH and slurry concentration mixtures.
64 +/5 SHORE C
60 +/20μ