Orthopedic Implant Polishing Tools

Surface Polishing Products for Orthopedic Implantable Components & Major Medical Manufactured Products

Spartan Felt Company custom manufactures polishing bobs, wheels, and pads to meet the specific requirements of the medical device manufacturing industry. We have 50 years of experience developing processes and supplying tools for critical polishing applications. We are unique in that we partner with our customers to find the best means to achieve their required results.

The medical device manufacturing industry presents some unique challenges for which Spartan has developed customized solutions. Micro-finishing and polishing of very hard alloys often require two or more abrasive steps.  Titanium or zirconium can smear under force, a property called ductility, and tools should be designed to remove metal particles from the surface. Polishing of these materials require well-designed abrasive tools and process control of pressure and temperature. Spartan has experience in tool and process design to meet your specifications, including mirror finishes.

Another unique issue in finishing medical devices is the suggestion by the FDA for materials that do not contain animal derived ingredients (see the FDA guidelines on materials containing animal derived ingredients here).  Polishing tools commonly are made of wool which is animal derived. In addition, polishing compounds can also contain animal derived fatty acids.  As a solution to wool, Spartan developed and patented HP® (High Performance) synthetic fiber materials that look and function like wool, but do not contain any animal derived ingredients. Tools made with HP45® media are being used very successfully in medical device polishing. In fact, the physical properties of HP45® allow us to make higher performing tools.

  • Higher friction heat resistance of HP45® allows greater force to be applied for faster material removal.
  • The porosity of HP45® draws heat away from the part being polished.
  • HP45® media can be shaped to a specific profile, and the tool will keep its shape.
  • HP45® tools can be impregnated with abrasives, including diamond. This eliminates to need for bar compounds which can contain animal derived lubricants, as well as the mess they make. Automation becomes easier and cleaner with HP45® tools.

Spartan can make virtually any wool-based tool with HP®45 media. We also offer Belts & Pads for Sanding & Polishing. Samples can be provided.

For more information on Spartan HP®45 media, click here.

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Let Spartan Felt Co. customize a soft, medium, hard, rock, or flint hard bob with the applications-specific composition for your medical application.  Spartan also offers other mounted specialty products and abrasive wheels and polishing pads.

Spartan is committed to high quality service. We respect your product and process IP, and welcome NDAs. We understand you concerns for FDA compliance, and will work within your material restrictions as possible.  

Our products are all made in the USA, in an ISO Certified facility with complete lot traceability and lot certification available. 

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