Orthopedic Implant Polishing Tools

Surface Polishing Products for Orthopedic Implantable Components & Major Medical Manufactured Products

Spartan Felt Company custom manufactures polishing bobs, wheels, and pads to accommodate the precision needs of the medical device manufacturing industry. Micro-finishing and Polishing of Titanium, Cobalt Chromium, Stainless Steel, and their alloys presents challenges, because the surface of these metals become malleable under force, a property termed “ductility”. Smearing or galling can occur, which compromise the quality of the finish.  Polishing of these materials require well-designed abrasive tools and process control of pressure and temperature. Spartan has experience in tool and process design to meet your Ra specifications, including mirror finishes.

Advancements and Advantages:

Spartan developed synthetic, High Performance (HP®) media that enables application of higher force for polishing hard metals. By virtue of high heat resistance and a porous structure that allows heat to dissipate and cooling air to flow through, parts being polished run cooler and under more force than previously was able. The result is fast material removal and efficient polishing.

Spartan HP® tools can be shaped to part profiles to be polished, and HP will retain its shape under higher heat and pressure. Material removal from the part is more even and controlled, reducing the chance of removing too much material from the surface, one cause of deformation. For more information on Spartan HP® media, click here.

Abrasive impregnation into polishing tools is a specialty of Spartan. Abrasive is incorporated evenly in the tool, with fresh abrasive available as the tool wears. Diamond is an effective and long-lasting abrasive for hard metals. Spartan also uses abrasives such as aluminum oxide and silicon carbide or blends.  Abrasive impregnated HP® or felt bobs allows polishing compounds to be eliminated, including the mess compounds make when slinging off the tool. Abrasive impregnated tools provide faster results and a cleaner process.

Spartan is an exclusive importer of S1 quality, extra-fine Spanish felt with all contaminates removed that can cause scratching. Our 1122 grade felt bobs will bring out a mirror finish quickly. By pairing with Spartan HP® media bobs as a precursor, hard metals are quickly bought to an Ra of 3-5, and the 1122 felt just requires light touches to bring out the mirror finish below 1 Ra.

Tools Designed for Orthopedic Finishing NEED customization to improve precision while reducing polishing time and labor.

    • HP® media was developed and patented by Spartan, and is not available through any other source. HP® media provides more precision and fast results on hard metals. Our HP® tools are not affected by water and are CNC process-capable.
    • Our impregnation of abrasives and lubricants can eliminate the need for additional compounds. Spartan blends abrasives in-house, with nearly endless combinations available.
    • Spartan tools can be shaped to meet specific profiles and are all trued for perfect rotation.
    • Abrasive fiber tools are available for polishing plastic inserts and similar parts. Products include bench grinder wheels and mandrel mounted tools.

We also offer Belts & Pads for Sanding & Polishing

Let Spartan Felt Co. customize a soft, medium, hard, rock, or flint hard bob with the applications-specific composition for your medical application.  Spartan also offers other mounted specialty products and abrasive wheels and polishing pads.

Spartan is committed to high quality service. We respect your product and process IP, and welcome NDAs. We understand you concerns for FDA compliance, and will work within your material restrictions as possible.  

Our products are all made in the USA, in an ISO Certified facility with complete lot traceability and lot certification available. 

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