FOR USE ON: Art Glass Polishing, Soft Scientific Glass Polishing and Polycarbonate Polishing
DUROMETER: Shore C Scale 35
COMPRESSION %: 5-7% (4 pound force displacement)
DENSITY: .35 g/cm3
THICKNESS: .125” and .275”
DIAMETER: Up to 60” Sheets or Pads

DESCRIPTION: White fiber based resin treated polyurethane pad for diverse polishing applications and surfaces. The fiber material makes excellent interconnecting cellular structures, which make the pad highly durable and dimensionally stable. This material is designed for rapid stock removal and superb surface finishes.
SURFACE PREPARATION: Plain, Perforated or Embossed.
BACKINGS: Easy Apply/Remove PSA is Standard. High Temperature PSA and Magnetic Backing are Available Upon Request.
IMPREGNATIONS: Abrasive Impregnates in limited styles.
CAN REPLACE: Natural Wool and Other Soft Synthetic Felts
PERFORMANCE: HPB35 is our softest and most forgiving pad. Designed for hand polishing, HPB35 retains a high amount of water for efficient slurry delivery with various sized parts and under a wide variety of pressures and polishing styles.