Fluid Transfer and Wicking Applications

The ability to create proprietary substrates and resin formulations enables Spartan Felt Company to custom engineer performance capabilities for fluid transfer applications. Spartan Felt Company specializes in manufacture of customized parts. Our state of the art grinders and fabrication equipment hold exacting specifications. Type products produced for fluid transfer applications are:

  • Fiber Nibs for Writing Instruments
  • Cosmetic Applicators
  • Ink Roller/Stamp Pad
  • High Viscosity Liquid Applicators
  • Aircraft Quality Wicking
  • Felt Squares

These applicators function well with water, solvent and oil base cosmetic fluids. This flexibility applies well to all of the following: Nail Polish, Nail Polish Remover, Lip Gloss, and Eyeliner.

Ink Roller/Pad

Spartan Felt Company uses synthetic fiber technology and custom resin formulations to create versatile ink roller and stamp pad material. Procedures have been engineered to strictly hold thickness, hardness, and porosity tolerances to accommodate ink viscosity levels and other customer requirements. The process used:

Creates a smooth, resilient material surface
Avoids pigment or dyestuff separation problems
Is of higher quality and very cost effectively produced

Aircraft quality Wicking

Felt Squares

High Viscosity Liquid Applicators

In addition to ink, paint and cosmetic applicator nibs, Spartan Felt Company produces specialty nibs for extremely high viscosity fluids. These type of nibs can disperse various types of cement and adhesives for precision applications. WE WILL ACCOMMODATE ANY REQUIREMENT.