Fiber Nibs for Writing

Spartan Felt Company offers a wide range of synthetic base materials to accommodate any ink formulation. Our engineers will match solvent and water based ink formulations with compatible fiber type: acrylic, polyester, Nomex, or natural fibers such as wool with non-directional fiber orientation for increased abrasion resistance.

  • Made with 100% synthetic fiber specifically selected to match ink’s chemical composition
  • Unidirectional fiber arrangement, fiber bundles are oriented in direction of ink flow
  • Engineered pore structure to facilitate ink flow
  • Resin formulations specifically selected to structure the pore size design to aid with capillary action
  • Nib pore sizes can be designed to accommodate wide range of ink viscosities

Spartan Felt Company designs nibs for writing instruments that disperse fluid by both valve mechanisms and capillary action. Our nibs are currently used in the following applications:

– General Writing Pens
– Coloring Markers
– Overhead Projector Markers
– Permanent Markers
– Paint Markers
– Calligraphy Pens
– Highlighter Markers
– Erasable Whiteboard Markers
– Brush Pens
– Ink Feeders