There are many applications where traditional flat machine polishing processes cannot be used. When recessed, grooved or slotted areas need custom hand polishing our Spartan Cerium Polishing Points can be valuable consumable tools.

Spartan’s Cerium Polishing Points can provide excellent polished surfaces on soda lime, borosilicate, quartz and sapphire materials. These ball, cone and bullet shaped points are evenly impregnated with quality cerium oxide grains. It is not necessary to use cerium/water slurries with these points, only D.I. water. The impregnated cerium compound is released from the urethane matrix during the process.

Our Spartan Cerium Polishing Points are pre-mounted on a mandrel to ensure better concentricity and durability. We suggest using them in your hand-held polishing tool at RPM’s that are suggested for your type of glass material. The points come in various sizes and shapes that can be compared to our standard felt bob selection. These Cerium Polishing Points are typically light brown in color and have a Durometer C Scale value of ~75.

Please contact us for a sample kit containing 5 varieties of Cerium Polishing Points. We also manufacture small & large Spartan Cerium Polishing Wheels for general polishing applications.

Download the PDF spec sheet.