About Us

Company Overview
Spartan Felt Company
is a vertically integrated manufacturer and fabricator of felt parts, and is a world leader in impregnation of felt. We’ve been engineering creative solutions for customers for over 42 years in a widely diverse group of industries. If you need a custom felt part, for any job, you need Spartan Felt Company.

We offer incredibly innovative products, and a total system of services as well, such as engineering services, cost reductions, R&D services, troubleshooting, operator training. We do anything we can do to provide an enhanced part and an enhanced operation for you.

Company Vision
To be the innovator in specialty precision products utilizing the latest in non-wovens, felts, and other flexible materials and to be the world leader in treatment technologies, specializing in polishing and fluid transfer applications.

Industries Served
If it involves felt or any flexible material, Spartan Felt can do it, no matter what industry. We are proud to say we serve some of the world’s leading companies in fields such as semiconductor, writing instruments, cosmetics, glass and fine jewelry polishing, fluid transfer, aviation, computers, you name it…the list is from A to Z.

Our Staff
What makes Spartan Felt your perfect partner is our dedication to finding creative solutions for your needs. We have experts with a combined total of 114 years in felt, 57 years in fiber technology and industrial nonwovens, and 52 years of chemistry. We bring this expertise to bear as a total system, so that we can offer help, not just in innovative product design, but also in an extensive array of services such as engineering, R&D, cost reduction, troubleshooting, operator training-whatever it takes, Spartan Felt has the commitment to helping you.