About Us

Company Overview
Spartan Felt Company is a leading manufacturer of customized polishing pads, wheels, and rotary tools, specifically tailored to meet the unique requirements of our customers. With a specialization in polishing, we bring over 50 years of extensive troubleshooting and problem-solving experience to support critical polishing applications. Our expertise extends to the fabrication of fluid transfer wicks and pen nibs from technical fiber, as well as the creation of distinctive wheels and rotary tools using abrasive composites.

Our success is rooted in the materials and treatment processes developed over the years, resulting in a vertical integration of exclusive materials and expertise. This includes top-quality wool, patented synthetic fiber products, laminations, and applied chemistries, such as our renowned abrasive impregnation and composites. Paired with our engineering services, we design customized products to address specific customer applications and solve problems.

Company Vision
Our vision is to be the innovator in specialty precision products, leveraging the latest in non-wovens, felts, and other flexible materials. We aspire to be the world leader in treatment technologies, with a specialization in polishing and fluid transfer applications.

Industries Served
We take pride in serving some of the world’s leading companies in industries such as semiconductors, glass, optics, lasers, valves, exotic metal fabrication, fine jewelry, writing instruments, and cosmetics. All our products are proudly manufactured in the USA, and our ISO certification makes us a preferred supplier to US military, aerospace, and medical device fabricators.

Our Staff
What sets Spartan Felt apart is our experienced and dedicated staff, committed to finding creative solutions for your unique needs. Our experts identify opportunities for process improvements that may not be apparent to your team. We offer a comprehensive system, providing services such as engineering, R&D, cost reductions, troubleshooting, and process training. From designing and manufacturing prototype products to in-house testing, we streamline the development process, reducing your team’s time spent on trial and error. Many of our customers rely on us to evaluate and recommend new approaches or products, especially during the development of new products.